Connecting Couples

We believe that marriage is sacred to God. It is the first ministry established by God here on Earth. The Hearts of Hope Couples Ministry exists to strengthen the connection between husband, wife and God.


Equipping Couples

We equip couples with the necessary tools and resources to have a Godly, purpose-driven marriage through real-life lessons, relevant exercises and meaningful fellowships.


Igniting Couples

Never let your flame go out. We are an active ministry that is dedicated to keeping God first in all things – especially when it comes to marriage.  We encourage couples in spirit and truth to Stay in God which will ultimately allow them to Stay in Love.

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Couples Ministry

Pastor Bruce & Minister Renita Allen

Pastor Bruce & Minister Renita Allen

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What is The Hearts of Hope Couples ministry about?

The Hearts of Hope Couples Ministry is inspired by the desire to see God’s first ministry, which is marriage reach it’s full potential in all of the couples within our ministry. Whether you are seriously dating, newly-weds or a more seasoned couple, we provide Godly tools that will strengthen your relationship with your spouse and God.

We believe God has a design for marriage and esteems it highly. The Hearts of Hope ministry focuses on providing tools to help you be successful in your relationship and to be a reflection of Christ’s love for the church. Marriage takes work, but the benefits are life-long!

The couple’s ministry meets bi-monthly at a designated location and have devotional phone calls on the months the couples do not physically meet. We look forward to connecting with you and growing with you as we strive for all that God intended marriage to be. For more information contact us at 407-291-HOPE.